Circunferencia y Círculo

Os dejo mis ejercicios del tema de circunferencia y círculo.
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Aprovechando que ando con el tema de los acuarios he echo un acróstico sobre este tema.

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Otro fragmento de Las Dos Torres


Os dejo con otro fragmento de Las Dos Torres traducido al inglés.

The sun was going down in the West when they departed from Edoras, carrying in their eyes the sunset light that wrapped the wavy fields of Rohan in a golden haze. A beaten road bordered the foothills of the White Mountains to the Northwest, they took it going up and down and fording numerous streams that ran and jumped between the rocks of the green country.  Far ahead and to their right the Misty Mountains loomed, looking even taller and darker as the troops were advancing.  In front of them the sun sinked slowly.  Behind, the night was coming.


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El arte de la familia Carracedo

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